Official Server Rules

  1. Ban Terms

1.1 Metagaming - The act of using outside or previously gained knowledge within the game for personal gain or advantage.

1.2 Powergaming - Using an in-game mechanic or information to benefit your own character or story and give you an unfair advantage over another player instead of honouring realistic/creative roleplay

1.3 New Life Rule (NLR) - this means that you must not return to the place you died, remember your previous life or take revenge on your killer.

1.4 FailRP - Failing to stay in character while in an RP situation 

1.5 IC - In character - Things the character is saying

1.6 OOC - Out Of Character - Things the roleplayer/person roleplaying is saying

1.7 RDM - Random Deathmatch - Killing someone without a valid roleplay reason

1.8 VDM - Vehicle Deathmatch - Killing someone with a vehicle on purpose

1.9 Lootboxing - Taking excessive items from a player, or looting a random body. Any form of looting without RP.

1.10 GTA Driving - GTA Driving is where something unrealistic is done in a vehicle for example offroading in a supercar, Ramping off hills in vehicles etc

1.11 Cop Baiting - Cop baiting is where you intentionally antagonise police, chase them or mug them without a good roleplaying reason

1.12 NITRP - No intention of roleplay - Someone who has no intent to become a member of the community or form roleplay experiences

1.13 FearRP - You must always fear for your life when it comes to situations such as robbery and kidnappings. This means if someone has a gun or a dangerous melee weapon and tells you to do something you must do it. However, you do not have to fear a taser as it is a non-lethal weapon. You cannot pull out a weapon on someone who already has a lethal weapon aimed at you

1.14 Combat Logging - Quitting the server during an rp situation (I.e logging out when you have been killed in an attempt to avoid losing items)

1.15 LTAP - Leaving to Avoid Punishment, mostly during PD scenes (I.e Combat Logging, or going to Local Doctor when Police are attempting medical attention)

1.16 Flex / Muscles - RP friendly term for referring to your keyboard or mouse. Instead of saying “Press your H Key” you would say something along the lines of “Flex your H muscle”

1.17 Voicebox / Ears / Eyes - RP friendly terms for referring to your Microphone, Headset, and Monitor. You can use these terms if you are having any sort of “Eye issues” with your monitor, or possibly “Ear issues” with your headset.

1.18 Taking a flight / Going in head - RP friendly terms for referring to logging out/in or going afk. Be sure to be mindful of your surroundings before you go afk or log out as not to interrupt RP.

1.19 Tsunami - This is the term used in city for a “Server Restart” Tsunamis are scheduled every 12 hours from 12PM EST / 5PM BST

1.20 Government Issue - If a player is committing a rule break in the city, it may need to be reported to the “Government” (Remember to keep it in character at all times even during rule breaks, just get a clip and make a report!)

  1. Code of Conduct and General Rules

(If you break a rule you will be warned, kicked or banned, if you are banned and believe it was a wrongful ban, please make a ban appeal in the discord with proof if possible)

2.1 - You must customize your character to some extent, cannot be default character

2.2 - Voice chat in the server is always to be used in-character

2.3 - Do not RDM (randomly killing someone with no RP purpose/ intent)

2.4 - Do not VDM (purposefully hitting someone with a vehicle)

2.5 - Do not Metagame or Powergame

2.6 - You must abide by FearRP (I.e you cannot pull out a gun while you are already at gunpoint)

2.7 - Do not use real currency to buy in-game money

2.8 - Your server name cannot contain offensive language or terms

2.9 - Do not post your in-game phone number or ask illegal activity questions publically (such as rp-twitter)

2.10 - Do not use any 3rd party programs (cheats, crosshairs, etc) this will result in immediate perm ban

2.11 - You must have a working microphone

2.11 - NLR - You cannot return to the place you died for at least 30 minutes or until the scene has ended, remember your previous life or take revenge on your killer. If you are downed and receive medical attention of any kind you forget the 15 minutes leading up to your death. (If you are given medical attention by police then asked questions about the scene you can give a vague description)

2.13 - You must be able to understand and speak English

2.14 - Roleplay shouldn’t be stopped or become less serious before a server restart

2.15 - Do not lootbox or rob a player without RP reasoning

2.16 - Do not combat log or see local doctor during an active RP scene

2.17 - Do not exploit or use any other methods in order to gain money - if found this will result in an immediate permanent ban

2.18 - Do not operate a blacklisted vehicle (any aircraft at an airport that you do not own) this will result in a permanent ban due to past abuse

2.19 - Corrupt Cop RP is against the rules and not allowed. You cannot participate in illegal activities on a character if working. 

2.20 - Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, or Hate Speech of ANY KIND will result in an immediate and permanent ban

2.21 - All players must abide by Twitch TOS, click Here for more details. (Players are allowed to use copyrighted music through their radios, any content creator this may affect has the option to /streamermode to disable all music)

 2.22 - Do not break RP during any scenario even if rules are broken. Do not break character / inform the player they are breaking a rule in-game. (I.e if someone robs you with no cops online, just clip it, post a report, and carry on with the scene)

2.23 - Suicide RP is strictly prohibted

2.24 - Being able to own a store is considered a privilege in the city. If you abuse any store systems, price items unreasonably high, or price items to avoid a store quick selling, your business is subject to be revoked.

2.25 - Moving any amount of money between characters is strictly prohibited.

  1. Criminal Rules

3.1 - The maximum time you can hold someone hostage is 30 min, this rule does not apply if you are already engaged in a situation with the police, such as a bank robbery. 

3.2 - Taking people spawning in at Local Doctor as hostage is strictly prohibited

3.3 - You cannot have a fake hostage for any robbery or situation. You must also not be close friends with the hostage.

3.4 - You can only mug or kidnap another player if police are not online (F9 Menu)

3.5 - You must only mug another player if you have a reason such as you see they have a shotgun on their back and you want to take that item, you cannot loot box this player for excessive amounts of items or this will result in a ban

3.6 - Mugging or Robbing at an illegal location is allowed even if no cops are online, but still must follow valid roleplay reasoning.

3.7 - You can only kidnap a Police Officer or EMS personnel if there is a tick next to Police (F9 Menu)

3.8 - You can only kidnap the same person once every 3 hours

3.9 - You may only make 4 demands maximum during any hostage situation. 1 demand per civilian hostage, and 2 demands per government employee hostage. (Police, EMS, Lawyers) You can only request a government vehicle if your getaway vehicle has been compromised.

3.10 - Criminal activities such as robberies are limited to 4 players max at a time. Relaying information to or between characters (lookouts, phone communications) counts you as part of that scenario. 

3.11 - If characters are detained and brought into police custody, only a character involved in the original scene is allowed to form a new group of 4 to attempt a rescue. (I.e if 2 are arrested, and 2 escape, only the 2 who escape are allowed to recruit 2 more for the rescue attempt) 

3.12 - Rescue attempts from police custody are only to be made during convoy or before sentencing. If the suspect needs medical attention at pillbox you must wait until it is finished and transport to PD has started.

3.13 - For large scale criminal activities (Such as Pacific Bank) you are allowed 8 players maximum. 7 maximum inside and 1 outside. (The same rules about relaying information from 3.10 apply)

3.14 - Antagonizing police without roleplay reasoning or trying to start conflict with the only purpose of getting a police response is not allowed. (See Roleplay Terms 1.11 for Cop Baiting definition)

3.15 - Robbing cops specifically for their gear is strictly prohibited and must follow valid roleplay reasoning (I.e you have a cop hostage and strip them of their weapons and gear, you do not need to rob them of personal items) If you end up shooting a cop during a RP scenario you may take 1-2 items off them but they cannot be shot only for the purpose of looting them.

3.16 - Roleplay before Gunplay - Attempt all other possible roleplay options before using weapons. The use of weapons or firearms should be a last resort or fall within reason for the scene.

3.17 - Selling illegal locations or information at unreasonably low prices, or giving it for free is prohibited.

3.18 - While Gangs are allowed, this is not a Gang RP Server. Gangs are expected to follow and comply with the same rules as everyone else.

3.19 - Gang conflicts/wars are only permitted once a week, must be agreed upon by both sides, and must follow roleplay reasoning.

3.20 - Be mindful of your actions and the police attention they may bring. Do not hang around near a body you just killed, or return to the scene of a crime. Give yourself enough time for things to cool down.

3.21 - Getaway vehicles are limited to the amount of doors available (2 people max in a 2 seater, and up to 4 in a 4 seater). The usage of trunks is for hostages only and must be a proper trunk (I.e the Audi R8 trunk has an engine block in it, and could not possibly fit a human for hostage transport)

3.22 - Use variety when it comes to your robberies and getaways, if you have a really good strategy don’t use it over and over again. Try to keep things fun and entertaining for both sides! (Repeat offenders will be punished by the Danny Patrol)

3.23 - You cannot infinitely swim away to get away from the police or swim to a distance that is unrealistic and makes no sense. (Greater than .2m distance) If you are going to swim in a chase it needs to be to a specific destination like a boat or landing that is a very short distance away. This rule includes scuba suits.

Green Zones (Places where pvp is not permitted)

4.1 - Whitelist Jobs - Violent RP (taking hostages or robbery, etc.) towards clocked in Whitelist Employees is strictly prohibited. (This does not include Police) You cannot use a whitelist job as a green zone to hide from confrontation.

4.2 - Local Doctor - Violent RP (taking hostages, robbery, etc.) at this location is strictly prohibited unless follows valid RP reasoning. (Grabbing EMS hostages is fine but do not bother players who just woke up at Local Doctor and don’t remember what happened)

4.3 - Airport Spawn - Violent RP of any kind MUST NOT be brought into this location. These are new players joining the city for the first time and their first experience with the city, if you are scamming, mugging, killing, kidnapping, etc. any of these players it will result in an immediate ban.

4.4 - Fort Zancudo - The entering of Fort Zancudo without authorized permission is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban due to past abuse.