Getting Started in City of Kings

Welcome to the City of Kings! Chances are if you're reading this you need some assistance with getting started in the city. We're' going to answer some questions you may have when you first join the city and tell you some things to do when upon your arrival.

Have you made your character then realised you don't like their look or noticed you missed off a key feature? Maybe you accidentally stopped customising?

You're not the first so don't worry if you want to change your character after creation, simply do one of these 2 things:

1. Relog and make a new character.

Here's a list of things you can do when first endulging into the City of Kings:

- Grab a bike from the rental shop right in front of the airport where you first fly in

- Head over to our Driving School marked on the map with a yellow steering wheel and obtain your drivers license

- After obtaining your drivers license you can now start looking for some income:

(all legal jobs are marked on the map with a blip, use your legend on the right hand side of the escape menu to navigate)

Our Legal Jobs:

- Kings Express

- Crypto Mining

- LS Trucking Co.

- Miner Job

- Scuba Diving

- Farming (Oakwood Farm)

- Fishing

- Contracts for any of our 80 businesses!

- and many more!

Other Legal Income:

- Hunting: Head over to SA Hunting in Paleto Bay and grab yourself some hunting gear and a hunting license, you can buy bait and sell your meats at Raven's Butchery

- Fishing: Head over to Pearl Tackle Shop and grab some fishing supplies and begin your journey to land the biggest catch, be sure not to catch endangered species or the Police might be on your tail!

- You can also go up to player owned business's and accept contracts which the owner has set for some extra income, these are usually announced via Twitter so keep an eye out!

All illegal and other activities not mentioned here are meant to be found through roleplay in the city. We strive to create a city that runs deep in RP where everything that makes serious income you must find out for yourself through interactions with players. All public forms of Legal Jobs and income mentioned in this guide are meant to be a stepping stone to kick start your journey.

In City of Kings things are not what they may seem on the surface, the streets run deep, and the criminal activities underground. There's a lot that awaits to discover in your journey in our rich and plentiful city of opportunity.

Further Enhance Your RP (Whitelist Roles)

Alongside the multiple jobs and activites there is for you to do in the city, we also offer various whitelist jobs for those who want to have a more serious role/job in the city.

You can apply for our all of our whitelist jobs here - 🧾applications

Our whitelist jobs are:



- Dynasty 8

- Benny's Motorworks

- Queensbury Boxing Club

- Downtown Cab Co.

- Luxury Autos Dealer

- Lawyer

- Gruppe 6 (Private Security)

(No illegal activities on the characters of PD , EMS and Dynasty 8 personnel, people in other whitelist roles are allowed to do such activities if they choose to do so)

To reiterate everything stated here, this is the information we will give you to help you start out, there are 100's of ways to make income in the city, all of which are hidden under the surface which you must roleplay with citizens to get more information on.